How to fix Windows Modules Installer Worker high CPU usage

The prime reason the CPU fan spins and gets much hotter is that the CPU is being used all the time. The installer worker works in the background almost every time we open “Task Manager”. Disabling tiworker from your system is not that much of an easy job and also we don’t recommend it to so that’s why we have provided you with the best possible solutions. Decreasing the Tiworker.exe process via Task Manager can help you fix Tiworker.exe high CPU usage.

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If the problem remains, you must re-configure your internet settings. System File Checker aka SFC scan fixes system files corruption. So it’s an effective solution for Windows installer Module errors. The Software Distribution folder stores new Windows updates.

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  • It’s a system process which enables the automatic installation, modification of the windows updates.

This tool can scan and potentially fix any detected issues with Windows Update, which in turn will fix the issue of Windows Modules Installer Worker’s high resource consumption. In certain cases, it even takes up 100 percent of the CPU, leaving your system incapable of performing any other tasks at all. After Driver Booster downloaded the latest chipset or display card drivers for your computer, you may as well restart your computer to take effect. In some sense, these newest drivers can be helpful in solving high CPU by Windows Modules Installer Worker on Windows 10.

Why Is It Using So Much CPU?

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